Congratulations To The Hanoi Entrepreneurs Meeting Organized By VABC December, 2019 Successfully


VABC and the Hanoi business community had a productive day at the Hanoi Business Entrepreneurs Meeting in December 2019. In this talk, VABC thoroughly introduced the organization's activities in the field of event setting, communication and networking for Vietnamese and American businesses. VABC creates a playground, connection and trade promotion.

VABC is also pleased to introduce to Hanoi entrepreneurs two investment projects that VABC is studying to invite investment in the US: SEN Luxury brand beauty system in Washington DC, and Hung Vuong cultural center. researched in Virginia, where VABC's US office is located.

Sincerely thank the Hanoi business community for being present in this seminar and listening to and finding out information from VABC. We are pleased to cooperate with Vietnamese businesses because of their dream to dominate the US market with their entrepreneurs.